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with a thorough evaluation of your current health, your risk factors, your hormone status, and any medical conditions that may be sneaking up on you, click below to contact us and start the process of living your life with vitality! Our comprehensive evaluations start with about an hour face to face with Dr. McMillan, a comprehensive lab panel plus other labs as needed specific to your situation, then another hour face to face for review of the 15+ page Wellness Assement and Plan that Dr. McMillan will write for you based on your health issues and lab findings. Luxury!

If you want to focus on your hormones...

click below to contact us and start the process of optimizing your quality of life! Our hormone evaluations start with about a half hour face to face with Dr. McMillan to discuss your symptoms and objectives, a focused lab panel, then another visit with Dr. McMillan to review the labs and get started with treatment. After that, we check hormone levels and follow up with you to make sure you're getting maximal benefit from any hormones prescribed. This is hormone replacement the way it should be done - in person, with an MD who's fellowship trained in managing your hormones.

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