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Thyroid Optimization

Get more energy and lose stubborn weight by taking your thyroid function from "just OK" to optimal.

Thyroid Therapies

Often times, patients who feel sluggish or have trouble losing weight have their thyroid levels checked, only to be told by their primary care physician that their levels "look OK".

There are a couple of key differences between Renewal's thyroid evaluation and this scenario. The first is the breadth of labs checked to assess thyroid function. Many primary care physicians check only one or maybe two values - usually a TSH and maybe a total T4. We check 5 different values that give a thorough understanding of how hard your thyroid is being pushed to produce thyroid hormone, how much thyroid hormone your body has in "reserves", how much it has in "usable form", and whether there are any autoimmune issues that may be affecting your thyroid function.

Secondly, our goal for your thyroid function is optimal function, not just getting by. Imagine a friend inviting you to go to San Francisco for the day. She picks you up and you ask "how are you on gas?". She says "Oh, I have gas." but you look over and notice she only has 1/8th of a tank. So yes, she has gas in the car but I wouldn't consider that an optimal level of gas for the journey. We see this a lot in how mainstream doctors interpret thyroid studies. Basically, if your values are not flagged as low (out of gas), or high (overflowing with gas), they tell you "your levels look OK". At Renewal, our goal is to get your thyroid functioning optimally.

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