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Surgery Optimization

Optimize your outcome with any surgery by preparing your body prior to surgery and supporting it afterward.

What is Surgery Optimization?

Surgery optimization is the process of going into surgery as well as possible, so you can come out of surgery as well as possible. Surgery puts stress on the body in many ways. Your normal routine will be disrupted, you'll have to fast, you'll be undergoing some type of anesthesia, and you'll need nutritional and other body reserves to get the healing process started as quickly as possible after surgery.

Just as athletes prepare their bodies for the stress of competition, your health needs to be as good as possible for you to get the best surgical outcome. That's why Dr. McMillan devised the Surgery Optimization program to help surgical patients be as well prepared as possible going into surgery.

The Surgery Optimization program consists of three integral parts:

  • Essential oral supplements to prime your body for constructive healing around the time of surgery
  • IV nutritional therapy to help hydrate your body and provide the building blocks for successful surgical recovery
  • A multimodal pain control program that includes non-narcotic pain relievers, non-drug anti-inflammatories, essential nutrients to relieve pain, and cold therapy to diminish pain and swelling postoperatively

Is the Surgery Optimize program open to everyone, or just Dr. McMillan's orthopedic patients?

Anyone who wants to increase their readiness for surgery, speed their recovery, and optimize the ultimate outcome is welcome to be a part of Renewal's Surgery Optimize program.

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