Hormone Focus

Perfect for anyone experiencing fatigue, hair loss, weight gain and loss of libido.

Features Hormone Focus
Hormone Levels
PSA (for men)
Blood Count
Heart Risk Assessment
Diabetes Risk Assessment
Thyroid Risk Assessment
Liver Assesment
Kidney Assessment
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Blood Chemistry Panel
Growth Hormone
Autoimmune Screen
Tumor Markers
Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test
Food Allergies
GI Effects Digestive Health Assessment
Blood Type
Documents Focused Treatment Recommendations
First Visit 10 min Body Composition Assessment
20-30 min with physician
Second Visit 15-30 min with physician
First Visit Fees $195
Lab Fees $0-$121
Second Visit Fees $85 male, $170 female
Subsequent Visits $85-$170