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Peptide Therapy

Signal your body it's time to lose fat, gain muscle, and sleep better with peptide therapy.

What is peptide therapy?

Peptide therapy is a branch of progressive medicine that's been around for a while among scientists and researchers, but has only become widely used recently in the clinical setting by functional medicine doctors. Peptides are signaling molecules that direct our body to give a desirable response.

The most common peptides in use today are those that stimulate production and release of growth hormone. Sermorelin is a commonly used peptide in this class. In adults, growth hormone gives a number of great health benefits including improved sleep, loss of body fat, and gain of skeletal muscle.

There are also several peptides that help with sexual function. PT-141 is commonly used to boost sexual desire in both men and women and to improve function in men.

Stimulation of healing and recovery after injury is another focus of peptide therapy. BPC-157 is one that's commonly used to help people heal without the need for surgery and to get people back to their training regimen quickly after muscle, tendon, or joint injuries.

Peptides are typically injected by the patient at home, which is easy. We provide training, supplies, and support for Renewal patients treated with peptides.

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