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Hair Restoration

Regain thick hair growth with this protocol that includes PTP, peptides, and other hair regrowth therapies.

What is PRP Hair Restoration Treatment?

PRP hair restoration treatment is a groundbreaking solution for patients that suffer from hair loss. It’s basically a break-through in the treatment for Androgenic Alopecia.

How? Our blood is made of plasma, red and white blood cells, and platelets. These platelets help our blood clot and produce growth factor proteins that are essential for healing. PRP hair rstoration uses platelets from your own blood to help heal and regrow your own, natural hair.

women getting ready for PRP treatment
vial of PRP treatment being put into a centrifuge
women getting injection of PRP treatment in scalp

How does PRP Hair Loss Treatment Work?

On the day of your appointment for PRP injections, your technician will draw a sample of your blood and process it with a specially designed centrifuge to separate it into its three components:

  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Platelet poor plasma
  • Blood Cells

The PRP is then extracted from the mix to be injected into the scalp.

You can expect about ten to thirteen separate injections, depending on the size of the treatment area. You should be aware that without local anesthesia this step can be quite uncomfortable. However, here at Renewal Medical Clinic in Turlock, CA we offer Pro-Nox nitrous oxide as a pain management option during treatments for your comfort.


There can be some minor side effects after your treatment. The most common side effects include the following:

  • A slight headache
  • Temporary bleeding around the injection sites
  • Itching
  • Tenderness of the scalp
  • Swelling

In rare cases, PRP injections can cause some scarring and calcification around the injection sites. Make sure you also watch for signs of infection or fevering around the treatment site. Rest assured that you will not be at risk for any blood-borne disease because this treatment only uses your body’s own blood for this procedure.


The main thing to note about recovery is to treat your scalp gently over the next couple of days. You should wait to wash your hair for about twenty-four hours to give your scalp time to heal. Additionally, you should also avoid any scalp massages or anything that would irritate your scalp.

After the first twenty-four hours, you should be able to resume your daily routine with no problems.


So far, the FDA has not approved the use of PRP injections for hair loss. However, a growing body of research suggests that PRP hair loss injections are effective at reducing hair loss and improving hair growth. Our patients have also noticed results from their very own hair loss treatments.

When discussing the effectiveness of PRP treatments, it should be noted that these injections are not a miracle cure. For example, patients who have experienced 70 to 80 percent hair loss will not be able to grow back all of their hair. However, a patient with only 20 to 30 percent hair loss will see significant improvement after treatment.


Typically, patients see results within two to three months. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend a treatment plan of two to three injections delivered about six weeks apart. After the initial round of injections, you will need to receive at least one or two rounds of injections per year to maintain your results.

It is also important to note that the origin of platelet-rich plasma treatments involved the injecting of PRP into areas prone to sports injuries to facilitate faster healing.

PRP is a carrier for growth factors and nutrients that help the body recover and reduce the time needed for healing. It is still an experimental treatment, but since it was found effective as a way to support healing from sports injuries, professionals have been experimenting with its other uses.


Prices for PRP injections vary greatly throughout the country. Depending on the availability and quality of equipment, treatments can be more expensive. You can see prices around $400 and up to $2000 per round of injections.

At Renewal Medical, we understand that each patient is different and can offer prices based on the needs of the patient. Call today to set up a consultation for PRP Injections.

If you prefer local anesthesia over the use of Pro-Nox, your treatment may cost more.


Even though advertising tends to target men for hair loss treatments, both men and women can benefit from this treatment. Patients at the earliest stages of hair loss are the ideal candidates for PRP treatments.


Because PRP hair loss injections are a cosmetic procedure, they are typically not covered by insurance.


The main condition that causes hair loss in adults is called alopecia areata. This condition causes hair loss to occur in patches. This condition causes the body’s immune system to attack existing hair follicles and causes them to shrink.

Alopecia may be linked to stress, but other causes include traumatic experiences, childbirth, and certain medications. Hormonal changes, especially due to age, can also cause hair loss.


Yes, PRP is a helpful treatment for many common causes of hair loss, including male-pattern baldness. The natural growth factors from PRP once injected into the scalp will improve both hair thickness and density. However, PRP will be the most effective at the early stages of male-pattern baldness. At later stages, more invasive treatments will be necessary to see dramatic results.


In order to see the best results, we want to make sure your plasma is as healthy as possible. As a result, a history of heavy smoking or alcohol abuse may mean that a PRP treatment for hair loss is not right for you.

Other disqualifying factors can include a diagnosis for any chronic conditions such as cancer, chronic liver disease, or chronic skin infections.

Frequently asked questions about PRP treatment

Can PRP be used for acne treatment?

By injecting platelet-rich plasma into your face, you can promote cell growth and healing. This healing process allows the skin on your face to feel my hydrated, plumper and younger. Plasma and platelets can be seen as the foundation of great skin.

By increasing the number of platelets in the areas of your face that have been damaged by the sun, scarred by acne, or losing elasticity, you can add a boost to your skin cells so these areas will naturally heal on their own.

Can PRP be used for stretch marks?

Stretch marks are natural and can occur anywhere on the body from your armpits to your stomach and legs. These marks naturally fade over time, but if you want to speed up the natural healing process, PRP treatment is for you. Stretch marks occur when your skin loses elasticity because of an excess of cortisone in the body.

After separating your platelets from your blood and plasma, we inject the PRP into the areas where your stretch marks are most prominent. This injection will tell your cells to grow and, in turn, provide your skin with more elasticity. Overall, this therapy method has the ability to speed up the natural healing process to get rid of your stretch marks.

Can PRP be used for hair growth?

On top of being a wonderful option for your skin, PRP therapy is also an option for those who’ve experienced hair loss. Instead of injecting PRP into your skin or areas where you experience stretch marks, the substance will be injected into the areas on your head where you experience hair loss. This process will help promote hair growth and can be used to help prevent hair loss altogether.

What should I expect during PRP treatment?

A PRP treatment starts off very similarly to a regular doctor’s appointment when you have to give blood. Our team will draw your blood and then spin your blood in a centrifuge to separate the blood into its main components. This spinning process separates the blood from the platelets, which we then collect and combine with your plasma.

Depending on your wellness goals, we can inject this platelet-rich plasma into problem areas in your face, around your stretch marks, or along areas with heavy acne scarring. This treatment method can be used in a centralized area or applied to your face using a micro-needling technique.

Can PRP be used to heal wounds?

PRP therapy has been used to promote healing at injury sites for many years. PRP therapy can be used to help treat tendon injuries and chronic tendon problems, such as:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Jumpers knee

On top of assisting tendons along during an athlete’s recovery time, PRP can be used to assist acute injuries as well. This includes minor injuries like pulled muscles and sprains.

Can PRP improve healing after surgery?

Alongside the promotion of healing after injuries, PRP treatments have also been used to promote healing at the cellular level after major surgeries. By giving your body a boost of platelet-rich plasma, your body can start to rejuvenate the damaged areas to actively promote a faster healing process. This treatment can be especially useful for those who have had shoulder surgery or ACL reparative surgery.

What should I expect after a PRP treatment?

Our team will direct you on the exact post-treatment procedures you should follow, however it’s best to avoid washing the area for the next 24-48 hours. The treatment area may be sore for the next couple of days, especially if you received an injection in a localized area. If you receive a micro-needling treatment, you may also notice some discomfort across a larger area.

Some bruising can be expected because PRP therapy is triggering healing inside your body. If you’re receiving a hair loss PRP treatment, you should cease using hair dyes and coloring treatments for at least a week after your treatment date. The results from a PRP treatment continually increase over time. You can expect to notice the most visible results at least six months after your initial treatment.

Why choose PRP treatment?

PRP therapy treatments can assist your body to heal sun damage, acne scars, stretch marks and major or minor injuries. The healing properties are natural and can provide you with long-lasting results. Depending on your goals, our team will recommend the best treatment method.

Treatment application methods can include injecting PRP to a localized area or spreading the treatment out over larger areas using a micro-needling technique. This treatment process starts and ends with using your own blood, platelets and plasma to jumpstart your cells in certain areas of the body to promote new cell growth. This spurt of cell growth is what assists the body’s natural healing process.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce scarring, smooth the look of stretch marks, PRP therapy is a great option for you. This treatment method has anti-aging properties and will give you the results you want for years to come.

Is PRP treatment safe?

Since PRP therapy uses your own plasma and platelets that are created naturally in your body, the potential complications are drastically less than other skincare treatment methods.

This method is an excellent option for most individuals, as long as you don’t have a blood disease. When you make an appointment, our team will go over your goals, skin type, and potential treatment methods that will give you the results you’re looking for.

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